Healthcare Compliance Consulting

Healthcare Attorneys Serving CT, NY & MA

Based in Brookfield, CT, Health Regulatory Consultants provides consulting services for medical groups, health centers, hospitals, and health insurance companies throughout Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. With 20 years of experience in health care law, we provide a customized, client-focused service with responsive support. Reach out to us today to to discuss your needs. 

HRC will monitor proposed Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts and federal laws and regulations to help you keep a step ahead of your competition. Call us and let us know which issues you want us to monitor and report on.

States like Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York boast that their laws better protect their citizens than the federal HIPAA/HITECH regime. Let HRC answer your questions about the differences between state and federal rules.

Compliance Program Design, Review and Teaching Content

Does your organization have a rigorous compliance program? Do you believe your employees need a compliance “refresher” course? Let HRC know how we may be able to help you.

Corporate Presentations

Are there special topics that leadership and middle management need to know about? We are here to design corporate presentations for you.

Negotiate Health Insurance Provider Agreements

HRC’s managing principal has negotiated health insurance provider agreements for many years in the Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts region. We can be your “second chair” in negotiations and document drafting or take the lead. Just tell us what you prefer.

HRC knows that the health industry covers all legal and business issues from antitrust to zoning. What special issues face your company? Let’s talk.

Cyber attacks in the health care industry continue to increase. By now, you know how valuable health information is on the “dark web”. It’s time for you to step up your game on information security and privacy. Call us to schedule time to discuss your cyber vulnerabilities.