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The healthcare attorneys at HRC are dedicated to providing consulting services and support to medical groups, health insurers and billing companies. Our experienced lawyers can help guide you through the puzzle of regulations, provider reimbursement issues, licensing, and health security regulations. We are able to help in almost every sector of the healthcare industry by offering a variety of specialized services. Call us today.

Challenges that Organizations & Providers Face

The complexity of healthcare compliance is undeniable. There are hundreds of laws, rules, regulations and standards that healthcare organizations and providers need to abide by. Not only do companies need to comply with Medicare rules and regulations, there are also a variety of state healthcare laws, rules and regulations that need to be met. 

The healthcare compliance lawyers at Health Regulatory Consultants understand the need for legal assistance in the healthcare industry. We assist our clients with a wide array of healthcare issues. HRC can help create compliance resources tailored to our clients in CT, NY and MA. 

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Healthcare Regulatory Consulting
in CT, NY & MA

Healthcare organizations and providers need develop effective processes, policies and procedures for appropriate healthcare compliance in the company or office. Some of the areas of compliance that the healthcare industry faces includes patient care, billing, OSHA, HIPPA privacy and security, and more. 

The HRC team, offers calculated solutions and unique approaches to healthcare compliance challenges. We aim to provide our clients with professional guidance and audits to take on specific areas of risk.

Services We Offer

There are many areas of law that pertain to compliance regulation in the healthcare industry. At HRC, we can help you with:

  • Consulting on New Laws & Regulations in CT, NY or MA
  • Healthcare Privacy and Security Matters
  • Designing, Reviewing or Teaching Compliance Programs 
  • Healthcare Corporate Presentations
  • Negotiating health insurance provider agreements
  • Monitoring proposed cybersecurity laws and regulations
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We solely focus on healthcare law, and keep up-to-date with changing health care regulatory and legal information. Because we are a smaller, more personal firm, we’re also able to communicate with our clients and serve them more effectively. If you are seeking assistance with healthcare compliance and regulations, please reach out to HRC today.

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