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Our healthcare attorneys at HRC help hospitals, medical groups and health insurance companies navigate healthcare regulations and compliance in New Milford. Reach out to us today.

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Why Choose HRC?

At HRC, we do more than just offer feedback on healthcare regulations and laws. Our experienced healthcare attorneys also advise on policies and procedures, create training programs and improve compliance programs to mitigate potential risks.

Dealing with healthcare regulations and compliances can be very challenging to understand for those outside the legal realm. We will guide you through the regulatory process, and show you the proper way to manage the challenges your New Milford organization faces.

Who We Represent

Our healthcare attorneys at HRC are here to help a variety of healthcare organizations with legal and compliance matters in New Milford. Some of our clients include:

  • Medical Groups
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare  Billing Companies
  • Health Insurers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Not for Profit Centers
  • Health Equipment Leasing Companies
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Our Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Services​

Consultations Regarding New Laws and Regulations

HRC stays informed on new regulations and compliances in New Milford and throughout Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. To help you stay compliant, we monitor changes in laws and regulations.

Healthcare Privacy and Security Matters

Our firm serving New Milford can advise you on healthcare compliance. We will inform you on the differences between HIPAA and HITECH Laws as well as state laws dealing with patient privacy and security.

Compliance Program Design, Review and Teaching Content

HRC provides training courses for healthcare compliance. Our programs are designed to inform healthcare organizations on the ever changing world of compliance and cybersecurity.

Corporate Presentations

If you need to inform the leadership or management at your healthcare organization on healthcare compliance, HRC is here to help. We create detailed presentations that cover compliance and security matters that effectively distribute your information.

Negotiate Health Insurance Provider Agreements

When your organization is dealing with a health insurance provider, HRC has the expertise to handle your negotiations. We can review existing agreements or develop a plan to renegotiate a new agreement.

Cybersecurity Laws and Regulations in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

HRC offers extensive knowledge on cybersecurity regulations and how to protect your business from the threat of cyberattacks. Healthcare companies are now more at risk of cyberattacks than ever. We understand the importance of keeping your medical information private and are here to help you with these matters.

Your Trusted Health Compliance
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At HRC, we focus on providing our clients with cost-effective healthcare compliance solutions. To learn more about our services, please give us a call today.

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